Ep 2 Stock photography | The Fifth Castle

2 October 2020

Stock photography is not the way let me tell you why.

Hello, friends, and welcome to the Fifth Castle, a weekly show where we learn to see your business through your clients' eyes and work to make it irresistible to them. My name is Arek Rainczuk and I'm coming to you from Five Castles Portraits Studio in Belgrave, Melbourne.

Don't you hate it when you're looking through a business website and can't find a real photo? Sure, there are photos and and heaps of them, but none of them are real.

They are all stock photos from an online gallery that web designers use to quickly make the website look good and professional, forgetting the one and most important role of photography on a website.

I've been looking through some of the examples for today's episode and thought of a professional service business that really requires to build trust with their clients. What business do you think of?

First, if I told you that you're going to be working with them for many years to come, that they will know details of your financial situation and ask you questions about your health and history and will have access to legal and confidential documents that really have the power to change your life significantly.

Is that a trustworthy professional to you?

I looked at some of the financial planners' websites and already on the second page of Google, I found beautifully designed pages that are full of information, but not a real single photo, not even a headshot of key staff.

So the page is full of stock photos of hands copying some dirt with a plant growing or pen signing a document, a cityscape or a German looking receptionist with a perfect set of teeth, hands-free headset, smiling into the distance and or business person shaking hands with a family member.

You know, you get the picture. How do they expect us to choose them? What we really need to see a real photos that show the real people the spaces, the type of clients they like to work with, the experience that clients can expect, and authentic portraits of the key staff. They should make us immediately understand why they are right for us.

They should make it easy for us to contact them, knowing who is on the other side. The photos should be real, and I'm not even talking about the social media.

I guess there is a place for stock photography, probably some huge, faceless international conglomerates that don't really work with people they can get away with using those. So let me challenge you to visit your own website and notice all this talk for us, your designer put there on your pages. Do you really think that they represent you, your business and what you stand for? I'd like to invite you to tune in next week for the next episode of the Fifth Castle as we will be looking at how not to drown your visitors in the sea of text.

I'll see you there.