Reel Zoom
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Document your next Online Event so they can relive it

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Document and preserve

Relive and entice

Reel Zoom is a Virtual Videography for Virtual Events, a highlight video that is watchable and exciting, that brings memories of a fun event, it documents it and it makes it easier to promote the next one.
Let us film your next event via Zoom, we will create a short 2-5 minute promo video that is set to music and captures the mood, the speakers, the attendees.

  • create a record of the event that otherwise would be lost,
  • it's a highlight reel that allows the participants to relive the key moments,
  • it's also used to show those who didn't make it what they missed out on
  • and make them more likely to book in for the next event,
  • it's a perfect promo to be shared on social media to elevate you as an authority in the field too.

How it works

Working with us is easy and fun, and we'll help you rediscover your WHY.

We attend the event

We join the Zoom meeting and get local recording permission from the host.
We record the entire meeting in various ways to document the key moments, people and emotions.


We then spend hours finding the best moments and put them together into an exciting promotional highlight video. We add titles, music and stock footage when required.


You get a sizzle reel that you can use to show that the event actually happened, that the attendees loved it and key moments from the speakers. Use it to promote your next event.

Some of our work to get you inspired

Your investment

Creating an effective Reel Zoom is no small task. We take a lot of time to make the final video perfect for your specific needs.


  1. A strategic consultation via Zoom to discuss your needs and prepare for the filming,
  2. A virtual videographer for the entire event, professional editing with titles and licensed music.

from $2000


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