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A Video Business Card is the essence of your business, it's everything your client needs to know to engage with you and your story.

Video Business Card is a 2 minute video, based on an interview, that captures your passion, your mission, the what and how you do what you, the value you bring to your clients and what difference you make in the community.

It's designed to elicit emotions, engage the reason and challenge the viewer to make a certain action to work with you.

The Video Business Card will work for you 24/7, and will remain relevant for years to come. It is your legacy, it is your future.

We've designed this type of video as the most universal video project that happily lives everywhere: on your website, your email signature, your sales pages, your socials and more. Ask us how it can work for your business.

How it works

Working with us is easy and fun, and we'll help you rediscover your WHY.

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Discovery and Strategy

During our first meetings, we'll discuss all the details. We'll walk you through our comprehensive discovery and strategy process.
A lot of work goes into helping you find the right words and translating them into a visual language, but that's where we shine.

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We visit your location, set up for high production value and get to work.
We'll need you for the interview and then will spend the rest of the day filming all the extras.
Once the final video is approved we also prepare it for all the different uses.

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We decide on the most fitting music and edit your portrait to it. We weave your words through to best communicate your message.
The resulting video is then delivered to you to work for you creating those amazing clients you were dreaming of.

Some of our work to get you inspired

I know how awkward camera makes you feel and you'd rather invest in everything else but your image, I too have been avoiding the front end of my camera for years and missed out on many opportunities. Until I realised that my clients want to work with me and they need to get to know and trust me before they pick up the phone.

I've helped dozens of entrepreneurs and brands establish visual content that made them appeal to their ideal clients and turned their businesses around.

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Thank you for your kind words, Rachel, I love what you do at Virtuous Style

Your investment

Creating an effective Video Business Card is no small task. The biggest part is the discovery process and crafting the strategy.
Our job is to help you give us what we need to translate your vision, mission, values and story into a compelling visual language that only film can achieve. It is a fun and very engaging process that will ultimately get your clients to choose you over your competitors.


  1. An extensive strategic consultation via Zoom or/and in-person appointment to discuss your needs and prepare for the filming,
  2. A professional cinematic session with high production value and a fun videographer, music license included.
  3. We can organise a Personal stylist and Hair and Make-Up artist to help you feel and look your best.

from $3500

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it all take?

Well, it depends :) For some really urgent work we may be able to complete the job in 5 days! But most of our clients allow the time to discuss the details of the project, prepare and organise everything before the shoot.
The shoot itself takes usually 3-5 hours but that would also depend on the scope of the project.
After that, backup and editing processing can take as little as three days.

I'm not sure what to say, can you help me?

Of course, we always take our time to discuss your situation in detail and love coming up with strategies for our videos. We'll discuss things like who your audience is, how do you help them, what's the experience you provide, what's unique about your brand, your values. We'll help you craft your words too, but don't worry it's not about memorizing a script, trust us...


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